The Boros Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports contemporary art.

With a high-rise bunker in Berlin Mitte it operates an exhibition space for the presentation of the private collection of Karen and Christian Boros. The main focus is on mediating the exhibited works of art to a broad public. Through guided tours the artistic positions of each presentation are communicated by a team of currently 36 employees – art historians, artists and cultural scientists.
A catalogue is produced for each exhibition.The artworks have been seen by more than 600.000 visitors in over 30.000 guided tours.

> Boros Collection

In addition to the operation of the Bunker space, the Boros Foundation supports external exhibition projects, productions and artists´ catalogues.
At Charlottenhöhe in Brandenburg the Foundation offers artists a work and exhibition space.

The Boros Foundation cooperates with national and international institutions.

With the project STUDIO BERLIN, the Boros Foundation organizes and finances an exhibition that can be seen from September 2020 onwards, at the techno club Berghain with works by over 80 contemporary artists who are based and work in Berlin. The studio as production base forms the focus of the exhibition and from there builds its’ starting point. Studios are spaces of confrontation, reflexion, translation, analysis and conceptual thinking. In spring 2020, drastic changes occurred: Planned exhibitions and art fairs were cancelled or got postponed, galleries and museums closed their doors and larger projects could not be realized anymore. Besides that, the nightlife in Berlin was completely shut down. Due to this situation the Boros Foundation and Berghain came together. STUDIO BERLIN ist to be understood as a temporary recording, which deals with the current situation of artists and documents their reflexions over actual socio-political changes. The main purpose of this exhibition project is to reflect upon the current status and the shifts in art and society and to give artists in Berlin a platform for their recent artistic practice.

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